Teams Fully Funded to represent McMaster at ICPC

2015 [ Institution Rep : Prof.Borzoo Bonakdarpour ]

McMaster Red Team ( Campus Champion ) [34th ECNA]: 
Ezzeldin Tahoun [2nd Comp Eng], Greg Chen [3rd Health Sci], Annette Wong [3rd Health Sci]

McMaster Blue Team ( Campus 2nd Place ) [50th ECNA]:
Jacoby Joukema [2nd Sfwr Eng], Mikhail Andrenkov [2nd Sfwr Eng], Chamu Rajasekera [2nd Sfwr Eng]

2016 [ Institution Rep : none ]

McMaster Blue Team ( Campus Champion ) [16th ECNA] :
Ori Almog [3rd Sfwr Eng], Mikhail Andrenkov [3rd Sfwr Eng], Ian Prins [3rd Sfwr Eng]

McMaster Red Team ( Campus 2nd Place ) [34th ECNA] : 
Ezzeldin Tahoun [3rd Comp Eng], Brandon Roberts [2nd Sfwr Eng], Daniel Wolff [2nd Sfwr Eng]

McMaster Green Team ( Campus 3rd Place ) [68th ECNA] : 
Pavithran Pathmarajah [3rd Sfwr Eng] Wyatt Wismer [1st Eng], Kelvin Lin [3rd Sfwr Eng]

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