Posted by : Ezz Tuesday, October 31, 2017

McMaster this year had 3 teams to compete at the most well-known elite undergrad programming competition, the ACM ICPC( International Collegiate Programming Competition). 
McMaster ranked 3rd in Canada!

The McMaster Red Team (Campus Champions)
has put McMaster Univ 3rd between Canadian universities!
Left to right: Ezzeldin Tahoun(Comp Eng), Micheal Le(Sfwr Eng), Ori Almog(Sfwr Eng), Mikhail Andrenkov(Sfwr Eng)

This year the McMaster ACM Chapter will also be partnering with Waterloo University (1st Place on Canadian Universities), University of Toronto (2nd Place on Canadian Universities), York University (4th Place on Canadian Universities), as well as University of Windsor (an ACM ICPC ECNA Regionals Site Host). The partnership is to be coordinated by the ACM Chapter here at McMaster to deliver better programming training to all mentioned Universities.  The training, as demonstrated to be effective making McMaster rise like a star in only three times participating in ICPC, is expected to help the universities in the region rank better worldwide.  Details will be published in a blog post later on. 

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