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McMaster's Campus-Wide qualifying competition is happening on Tuesday Oct 25th in ITB-134 @ 5:20pm. 

Bring your laptops!
No registration required.


Will you be writing the most important line of your undergrad resume this October? 
What do you have better to do on Friday Oct 28 ,2016 & Saturday Oct 29, 2016 than go kick some code ass and make McMaster proud! 
Lets up the McMaster Engineering Game up a bit this October! We will be competing with at least another 150 teams this year! At least 60 Universities going all in to win one title. What school has the best engineers in North America
An annual competition for ONLY UNDERGRADS, yep you can only compete 4-5 times max, is happening in a month. Are you prepared to compare your skills to the the best in the game? You got what it takes to call yourself one of the best 450 engineers in North America? 

-Yo, chill, what is ICPC anyway?;

-More info on this year's ECNA?

-ECNA Rules?

- Which site we hitting then, Schedule, More Details?? Windsor it is! All here ->

- Past stuff ?

- Uhm, who did this before? McMaster Red & Blue teams did this last year! More here; results here; Problems and solutions here.

- Training PLSSS!

- More essential training pls!

- Communication Channel? the ICPC_ECNA channel

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