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-What is MacACM ? 
= Its your Mcmaster's ACM Chapter !

-What is ACM? 
= C'mon !!! ACM is the Association of Computer Machinery. Its an association kind of like IEEE where you can be a member and get access to hell lot of stuff and benefits. Probably grads can tell you  more about it and how it benefits them in research papers/journals and stuff.

-Why should we have an "ACM" chapter then ?
= Let me put it like this. Among other factors things ACM ranks universities in technology. These guys own the ACM Digital Library, the biggest and most popular house of technology papers that big universities including Mac pay to get access to. These guys even run international undergrad student programming and research competitions. So pretty much the more Mac performs in such renown competitions the better our technology rank may get. For example UofT and Waterloo universities have been investing so much time and money into their ACM ICPC, International Collegiate Programming Competition, teams, and this why they are way better ranked in tech than Mac. Their programmers are known to bet better because their performance is better in such competitions. Their researchers are believed to be better as they perform better in ACM SRC, Student Research Competition. ACM's ICPC and SRC are the most known and prestigious student competitors in the technology field. ICPC is the most prestigious thing ever when it comes to programmers and geeks.

//read morebout ICPC:
//read more bout ACM Compettions:

- So this chapter will ... ?
= We are here to help make better and more programmers in Mac. We are here to help gain a reputation for Mac's technology depts. We got a lot of good people who need a chance to demonstrate their skills and win big money, fame, and bragging rights and boost their career to next level, get hired by giants! We even help good/avg/beginner ppl to better their skills so that by next year they go and rock the party!

- So this chapter is here to make good programmers be great and beginners be good?
= Yups! We just here to help boost technology game in Mac! We deserve a way better position and reputation when it comes to tech/eng! We just lack opportunities and guidance. MacACM is here to solve this.

- Executives need to be ECE/CAS ? :( 
= Nope! You just need to be good at your position's reqs, you may not even be a programmer!

- Wait wait! Why the chapter now tho ? we still summah
= Big ICPC North America regionals ( believed to be most difficult world regional ) are happening this oct. Last year your boys got ranked 34th ( ) .. we need to up our game & show these north americans who are we and how we do it :D We need to rank our beloved McMaster high in the tech arena! Its bad to see all those good skills and initiatives lacking show-off to the world opportunities yeah?

- So lets talk money and positions .. 
= MacACM is a non-profit, diverse and is open to anyone in hamilton/mcmaster .. voting is happening annually at the last meeting in winter term .. members get to choose Chair/Vice-Chair/Treasurer/Secretary/Membership Chair/Web Master and even Faculty Sponsor !

- Who are these now ? I mean 16-17
= Ezzeldin Adel​ (Founder/Chair)
Chamu Rajasekera​ (Vice-Chair)
Jacoby Joukema​ (Treasurer)
Lina Kabbani​ (Secretary)
Prof.Christopher Anand (Faculty Sponsor)

- Wait I didn't choose you -_-' ? 
= If 20 members agree on re-elections we will happily do them!

- Will I have to pay to be a member ? 
= Of MacACM ? C'mon we love you ofc not! All benefits/training are free of charge to all members!
To be a Student Member in ACM tho you gotta pay money (~25$) :( But wait! We will get you lovely introductory rates and extra benefits! And if you got to represent McMaster at ICPC you get a FREE membership with ACM.

- When does recruitment end ? When does stuff happen? 
= We will be done by 1st of July. And after a big meeting, where executives and officers will all meet to discuss/vote on plans/events/deals. Each Committee execs will be handed the 16-17 official Chapter plan and a file with their committee plan, info, bylaws, missions, tools, and swag!
On July-Sept each committee will start preparing and recruiting to storm the campus.
ICPC & Training Committees will start sessions aggressively starting on August till October (McMaster Teams take on the North American Regional).
Multiple big events are expected to happen by Aug-Spet too.

- Nice! Where can I get more details ? U knw i need to get involved in my dept and stuff ;)
= Smart! But remember to apply to whatever position you have enough experience in and you'd feel comfortable carrying on its missions!
usr :
pwd: macacm
feel free to email with any questions you may have about your a certain position

- I feel like a meeting :/ This too much to wrap my geeky mind around .. 
= Please email or PM me I'd love to have a meeting too! I'll prepare files/swag and come right away! /

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